Second worse fathering on the planet alert.

Twelve year old boy wanted for first degree murder is on the run.

Where was his father?  Where was his father for his brothers?

Where were his community leaders?  Blaming whitey?  Blaming America?

The boy aged just TWELVE who is wanted for murder and on the run

Shocking: Jarrell Milton (above) of Omaha, Nebraska is wanted for murder in the shooting death of Jamymell Ray, 31, on June 29

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The mad dogs of death are in Chicago

7 dead, 30 wounded in Chicago over the weekend



Wake up, Black America.

Exceptionalist fathering is your one and only hope.

The second worse fathering on the planet is inexcusable and it’s time to grow up.  Your problem is not whitey or teachers or police or America or Israel.  Your problem is the second worse fathering on the planet.


Freedom is not free.

Turning America into a third world hellhole will not solve the problems of third world hellholes.  Look behind the carefully crafted language of “freedom” by those who want to keep you in bondage.

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Slavery and polygyny

For reasons that are being cleverly obfuscated, most of the slavery in today’s world of the 21st century takes place in polygamous societies.
Throughout history, slavery has been associated with slothful polygamous elites who take most of the available young women for themselves.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies do not practice slavery, indeed, exceptionalist monogamist societies have led the fight against slavery.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies are the only ones who have fought to abolish slavery.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies have always been called on by slothful polygamist societies to rescue them from trouble.  After which, the slothful, immature, polygamist societies go right back to their slothful, immature ways.
 Always have, always will

Post Troubled Childhood Disorder (PTCD)


Post Troubled Childhood Disorder (PTCD) has been added to the official list of Mental Disorders.     A professor of abnormal psychology at UC Berkeley, and his students interviewed 719 inmates on California’s death row.  Another professor and his students interviewed 369 Texas death row inmates.  Another interviewed inmates convicted of forcible rape and 2,118 child molesters in New York, New Jersey and Maryland prisons.  All three teams also conducted meticulous studies on the background of each inmate interviewed.


Of the 1,088 death row inmates studied, all but six were found to have had a troubled childhood.

Most of them had been repeatedly beaten by their fathers, their stepfathers or by their mothers’ boyfriends.

Most of them had been raised in homes or neighborhoods where the illegal use of drugs was prevalent.

Most of them had been exposed to sexual violence from infancy on up

The six death row inmates that did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired psychopaths.


Of the 1,736 rapists, 1,679 had been sexually molested either by a father or stepfather, by a relative, by their mother’s boyfriend, by a priest, rabbi or pastor, or by numerous individuals during their early childhood.  The 57 rapists that did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired.


The contention that ‘rape is not a crime of lust but a crime of violence and power’ is DEAD WRONG.  Rapists had either one of two motives.  Some rapists suffering from PTCD were motivated by a hatred of women because they blamed their mothers for participating in or not intervening in the beatings they suffered during childhood.  Most rapists were motivated by a strong desire to have sex, and because of PTCD, they failed to exercise any self-restraint.


Of the 2,118 child molesters, all but 17 had been sexually molested in their early childhood.   The 17 who did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired.

Almost  all murderers, rapists and child molesters were suffering from PTCD at the time they committed their crimes.

The three researchers were also emphatic that with the exception of the hardwired psychopaths, none of the murderers should have been sentenced to death.


More proof that strong caring father figures are essential for young males to make the leap from thughood to manhood.