Brussels terrorists: most if not all terrorists are unstable, immature, induced sociopaths: the throwaway beta males of an unstable, immature, rigid form of polygamy

Hundreds of terrified passengers ran from the terminal, some of them covered in blood, after the blasts rocked the building at 8am

The problem isn’t white privilege, the problem is the second worse fathering on the planet along with chaotic tribal polygyny

“In  a recent debate with other students at Harvard University.

During an exchange with their opponents, it was suggested that white people should kill themselves because of their “white privilege.”…………”

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 The cold hard fact is that nothing will change unless fathers and father figures and leaders take care of their women and their children.  Wherever exceptionalist monogamy goes, their nurtured children and nurtured women excel.

Sounds simplistic, the big thinkers of the world just blow it off.

Western monogamy has it’s roots in the magical mystical hills of Israel many thousands of years ago.

Wherever monogamy takes root, civilization blooms.

Wherever tribalistic polygyny takes root, civilization rots.

When polygamous societies are blessed with trillions in oil revenue, what do they do with their riches?  Do they use it for the good of all?  Or do they use it to spread hatred, genocide, murder, endless trumped up grievances, suicideforsex, rape, slavery, unhappiness, and other nihilistic doubletalk that utterly destroys civilization wherever they go.




Where did the $33 million go?

Did Ferguson benefit?

Did the money all go to professional agitators with an agenda?

Professional agitators who are expert at manipulating broken fathered youths.

These youths are being turned into dangerous thugs, using classic terrorist grooming techniques of endless grievance and revenge, hate mongering and blame shifting and historical hysteria.

By all accounts, nothing has changed in Ferguson, Ferguson is still a mess.

Don’t let yourselves be manipulated

This self destructive, immature chaos ended in NOTHING positive for Ferguson

Fathers are the problem, fathers are the only solution.