Ebonics has become a ball and chain

Ebonics is not part of the Americanese culture, ebonics is the legacy of the Pidgin English that was used by English colonial traders to communicate with cultures that didn’t speak english

In colonial England’s march of monogamy around the world, Pidgin English has long been used to communicate with cultures of non English languages.

What is certain is that Pidgin English was used to communicate with tribal Africa.  An inability to communicate with tribes who did not even understand each other gave rise to Pidgin English.

The origins of Ebonics are very murky.  Whether it came from slave creoles, or from African countries, or from Black African slave traders, it is closer to “pidgin English”, than to a true language.  If it were helping black America to assimilate, it would have become apparent.  Instead, it has morphed into a form of pidgin English which keeps it’s speakers unassimilated.

Many teachers will say in private that ebonics is a hindrance to higher learning.


Ebonics has been spoken in America for a hundred years or more.  It appears that one way or another, ebonics is the misbehaving fractured fathering stepchild of pidgin English.

If ebonics was helping Black America up and out of the cesspool of tribalism and polygyny, it would be evident by now. Instead, the opposite is eminently clear.

Ebonics has become a ball and chain, shackles for the troubled youths of the second worst fathering on the planet and, for many, accelerated entry into the big house.

Just as there is a  push for Latino immigrants to learn Americanese, so there is a need for Black Americans to learn Americanese.

Along with speaking Americanese, comes body language and social skills and the ability to be comfortable in society at large.

Other cultures are coming to the US as we speak.  They are rapidly learning mainstream Americanese, and bypassing Black America at warp speed.

The troubling subculture of terrorist grooming is seizing on those who feel separate and unequal.  A basic terrorist grooming technique is blame shifting.  Blame the police, blame whitey, blame America, blame the jews, blame Israel, the list goes on and on…….

Responsibility is blame shifted from the self created problems of ebonics onto society at large. While the second worst fathering on the planet, and traumatized, abandoned women who are left to raise children by themselves and the shackles of ebonics need to be addressed.

The only ones who can stop inner city violence and dysfunction are the inner city fathers themselves.